Lilla Katt in Lilla KattHow do you make a lifestyle submissive cry with out hurting her? – DeviceBondage


Lilla Katt is a lifestyle collared submissive, who obviously needs better training. If we can wreck this girl with some tickling and a vibrator, and I mean a total melt down, I can’t take anymore sobbing, screaming, begging, crying, cumming, broken mess of a girl, then someone is slacking. Chained down, spread, we go to town. Lilla is made to cum more times than she ever has before in one scene. It is a sexual overload that her brain cannot handle, add in the fierce tickling, and she is totally mind fucked. She has no control over anything, not her body, her mind, or her soul.>> WARNING THIS IS NOT FOR THE FAINT OF HEART <<